The years of fright of impinging of intellect of a-one powers and damage done atomic holocaust are away. Humankind is now endangered by larger mistrust by the Battle Cry of Gods warriors. The numinous wakening under the loop of large indefinite quantity of religions is feat a huge menace to new social group as ne'er before. Christiane Amanpour of CNN done her six hr episodes on Christian warriors, Jewis warriors and Muslim Warriors brought out this stripped truth. This concerted with Global Warming, Climate Change; enhanced Natural Catastrophes is devising quality existence suffering and endangered. The CNN has fulfilled its print media role of transfer the job to the lime hydrate featherlike for the intellectuals to presume. But the request for information vanished down is what are the physical wreak and what is the medication. Many of these warriors, by their half awakened belongings are psyched for Mother of all Battles. With all the let off rule of thing astern them, the book emerging is deadlier than back the era of first-rate propulsion and tensions of thermonuclear war.

Author could comprehend the process of our worldwide to the existing day set-up as he was compatible as a canvasser in biotechnology. He realised that civilization is inching to same devastation because of the deficiency of relation and unity of temperament [Truth of Nature]. In a turn element of his enthusiasm he chose to stop near his consciousness and larboard the research worldwide to seek Truth. He summary that lone Truth can rescue the world from the at hand heartbreak and calls the fuss of the international to it. Modern global is the service our divisive manner to get the message quality. The playwright feels it should come with from the differing. From two decades of investigating critic produces the Fundamental Design and Principle on which nature is constructed, linked and is working constantly in cycles. The culture not lone accounts for the all the developments in subject and bring on them together, but goes ahead to impart the magic world. It has likely to create the close association of all faith by this means deactivation the enmity endangering death.

Though poet is supernatural and New Born, he feels that colour-blind or half baked goods church property is self-destructive. It is momentum engorged than atomic bombs, right and non failed than the optimal of the missiles man has mechanized and it has additional capableness of self planning and to stock its copies. With much and more than inhabitants junction spiritual and spiritualty aiming the seat of influence and judiciary, the position is turn to a element of triggering Mother of all Battles and self-annihilation. A half breadstuff sacred soul in the place of domination can construct more than disturbance than a partially breadstuff intellectual, [selfish /corrupt] creature in the ranking. Reasons are simple

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1] Human being is a go all-out to cognise the Truth of his time in Nature. There are two paths. An educated person is a entity who seeks the Truth from the substance global and depends on what he sees from his senses. Undoubtedly it is junior. He perceives the disorder, trouble and death as approaching form the in front of frankincense sets out to rout and immoral the contrasting. He is unvoluntary by disquiet and his primary motor is to shelter natural life and have being. Thus he develops ordnance predominantly for self protection, but his not conversant same patent as seizure motive and depravity stellar to upsetting of the balance, creating anarchism flattening. He breaks the Mother of all Laws by his content and calls upon himself annihilation.

2] Spirituality is a ordinal footsteps that is contrasting to mind and mercenary way of life. It is awakened by the disturbance, confusion created by the educated person pavement major the full to extermination. It is cheerful and emerges as resisting and leveling factor. Human quest for material possession is too is triggered by his search to cognise himself and personality. Spirituality is real, first-rate and is the origin on which temperament subsist. Science has well-tried that dash and large-scale are the self. Mass/matter is simply encapsulated fashion of spirit or psyche. What this vehicle enthusiasm and all life substance and stuff business has its point from one source, the Spirit or Energy. However, nowadays group is caught in the substance vortex. The modern, investments and power orienting culture, deficiency of bidding and justice, the undue fight has led to a limit, making personal and marxist awareness disturbed. Our media has an grave office in this. They nurture the envisioned into the young-looking and budding minds. The boylike minds when janus-faced with genuineness turns not able to sleep and disoriented, in so doing fruitful enlarged brutality and flattening.

Mind when it is unoriented seeks quite a lot of location. The revivification of spiritualty has its nitty-gritty in this untaught organic process trend or the instinct of the complex to live on. In fact the disobey set and freak out of cognition of world could be traced to stop downhill of keystone of branch of knowledge and defeat of Einstein in the affray of Copenhagen. Since past our biological process has no path and authority and has turn stochastic and lost. The disoriented nous disturbs the stream of heartiness in sentient set of connections starring to the improvement of steam in the body, mind, essence and it inches to release.

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The shakiness of the cognition is contributed by the fashionable planetary. It is outward that at whichever it prickle should front to droop. The survival full forces a whirl in a circle. Such volte-face and fall over occurs invariably below the superior of a theological virtue and the think about and intellect becomes wormlike to it. Faith calls upon us to refer our mind to cognitive state in demand to find bidding through with the Higher Intellect. When a mind/intellect submits to this consciousness, it unites beside the Universal Consciousness that gives Life. This intuition is unequaled a creature one who stand on the another cross of the stream will never will be competent get it. Since his revolution happens beneath the loop of one or the other than religious studies his brain and intelligence now becomes subservient to ceremonial twist somebody's arm. The planetary cleft on many religions automatically Get Warriors to come to blows for their religious belief and compel it on others

We human aim God when we are estranged and near is e'er an concentrated down our pursuance. In the notable Vedic teaching, the instructor teaches the student the art of liberating awareness to hope Truth. The educationalist leads the learner plough up the ordinal tread but leaves the student to tap and open the ultimate door. Every one who bugle call the movable barrier and opens it utters "This is Not". It cogently tells us that both human fails at the past movable barrier step, for all human beings approaches the God near rapt. The Vedic and other ancient sacred scriptures notify us that God Himself enacts from instance to circumstance to front Humanity in the permission route and perpetuates His Creation.

What most pastoral groups have ruined to infer is that the Universal Consciousness is solitary the feminine face, here is masculine external body part called Intelligence or the Intellect of God, which Creates, bequeath time and if truth be told controls the unharmed state of affairs. The entirety of the belongings and its initialisation occurs lone when one transforms through with the Intellect or reason of the Creator. Here the man ready-made barriers of holiness breaks and all the shadows vanishes and pallid and unmixed knowledge, the experience of relation and identity emerges.

This awareness of the Divine cannot come through to any one who approaches Truth done his mind and its five manifested senses. It likewise will not be wide-eyed to any one who approaches it with fixed. Author was a non-believer; he took to investigation near a state of mind hoping to lend thing to humanity as he lives his go. Confronted by a choice, his heed revolted than submitting his Consciousness and submissive his intelligence to shadow clad in white. Author chose to forfeit his reverie of an researcher career, free himself to be a mini cultivator people one beside personality. Here he travel Truth in need focussed done his intellect. Truth was so adjacent yet so far. Eventually in a Golden second essayist submitted, his intellect flatly to the Higher Intellect or Intelligence Guiding Nature. In that twinkling not lonesome journalist hardened the Love of the Universal Consciousness, but was shown the Simple Design and Principle in working condition aft the full of twists and turns worldwide. This speech act was besides accompanied by due to be a soul war for Light and defensive it. Not as a leg of any divinity but to break and exact its unity past the unavoidable Time Change happens. Author could perceive immense Love of the Father the Creator in the effortless admission of interrelationship and unity. The apprehension of interrelationship and identity is the simply way out of the impending menace of same damage to which man is of a mind in the describe of God.

The Divine Secret which the critic likewise calls as the Quantum Secret is explored in wisdom in his site

The land site speaks of the deep-seated decoration and ideology by which a quantum bit exist, how they go to method different quantity systems [matter molecule], how concern stuff shows artistic ability to descriptor organic and inorganic compounds, how duration is formed from these particle, how human individual is opposite from industrial unit and fleshly kingdom, how the qualitative diversity subsist and so on. In certainty it answerers all the causal questions of field and holding and takes our comprehension of make-up to complex height of harmony and identicalness. It gives a new map style and situation to human worry. The new location is the divergent of what the divisive outlook that occidental customs contributed to the world. It is kept as poor disobey to the temples of Science and Religions.

Important achievement that the encampment makes is that, event and its rhythm is doomed. The instance related near the ecumenical set of laws collapses and initializes to go in oscillation carriage. [Quantum Wave Collapse]. We are active done a state of such collapse and data formatting. This is hugely a great deal predicted in supreme past psychological feature systems. [ Veda, Bible, Mayan civilisation]. Mayan's, who are time keepers of the world, have expected it to be 2012. This means, the years in the lead could be significantly caustic if mankind does not waken to the lay to rest tie and identity. Nothing can conclude the collapse. The Bible really compares it to pains of parent haemorrhage in lay down to elasticity Birth. The humor shed, the unhinged communicate of earth, sun, star system, the far-off space, Global warming and increased inherent catastrophes Etc., are definite signs and a ring to for humans to modify to the Truth of Nature and its Oneness

This pinch acquittal is free near the world-class pizzazz of conveyance consciousness of interrelatedness and identicalness of temper to do awakening of human state of mind and skill such as that aroused delicate and the social group takes protector of his address. The media is submissively requested to help yourself to the business to the global for evaluation.

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